Axis P3364's Reverting From “Auto” IR Cut Filter To “On”

I have 8 Axis P3364’s,, that keep reverting from “Auto” IR Cut Filter (where I want it) to “On” IR Cut Filter (which I don’t want).

Every day I manually change it to “Auto”, and the next morning I find it back to “On”. All are outdoor, and a few are in less than ideal lighting environments, which causes them to look even crappier with color video in low light.

My VMS is Lenel, OnGuard version 7.

Axis Support advised it “must be coming from the VMS”. Not too reassuring considering the OnGuard GUI has no settings dealing with the IR Cut Filter.

Lenel Knowledge Base had no information dealing with this issue. I suppose if I was a VAR I could get more info from Lenel, but alas, I’m just a simple end user.

Any thoughts?

Unplug the camera from the VMS network, and plug it into an isolated network. See what happens. If the problem still occurs, it's in the camera. If not, it's probably the VMS mucking with the settings.

The cameras been off the VMS for a week now and is still on Auto, confirming the issue was from the VMS side. I'll look in that direction now. Thanks for the tip.

OnGuard has a scheduling facility that can automatically change settings. Are there any recurring scheduled events?

When did it start happening? Since it sounds like the cut filter comes on during the night, have you looked at the footage to see if they all happen at the same instant?

Try changing the user account that they VMS uses to connect to the camera. Use an account that has limited permissions on the camera and can't change settings.