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Axis M7016/Pelco 9760cxta/Spectra4

All existing cameras were coaxitron on 8100 (16 total PTZ)..  I am looking for the correct settings, on both devices.  I was messing with this today, but figured some IPVM member may have this jotted down in notebook.  


  • Dip switch setting-cxta (i was using 6/8 switches on P/4800/spectra)
  • Which connector (and a/b) on Rs485/rs422 (is a or b Rx+).  Axis install guide is confusing and incomplete.  (do i use the TX/RX or the TX port for rs422?, rs485?)

Axis firmware settings:

  • P or D
  • device type-cameras are spectra4(all coaxitron, default switch settings), not sure whether cxta would use this.  (i tried spectra3 and generic also)
  • Baud rate, other port settings
  • I was using address 1 for bnc #1 attempting to use P.
  • RS485 two wire, rs485 four wire, or rs422 four wire (i was trying to do P protocol, rs422-4800, )

Anybody that can save me some time, appreciate it.