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How Loud Is The AXIS M5014 PTZ?

How loud is this camera when using the PTZ? I have seen a few videos where it is loud.

Any feedback would be great.



I have one of those that I use in class. Mine makes a loudish clicking sound when it powers up and rotates through it's positions (at the end of each direction it 'grinds' before moving in the next direction).

As far as operational use, I would best describe the level of sound as being similar to having a cell phone on vibrate sitting on a desk top when it rings.

It's not terribly loud, but it is certainly noticeable.

I'm going to echo Marty's statement of "its not terribly loud, but its certainly noticeable"

Thanks for the responce guys, hopefully it wont be to loud in a pub type setting.

Not sure this is a key point for you, but the M5014 doesn't have a continuous orbit. It pans, but there are hard stops with no slip ring. If you hit a stop but still need to jog over a few degrees, you actually need to reverse rotation, and let it grind away in the opposite direction.

Noise isn't bad, but it isn't really designed to be quiet, since it's not really the sort of PTZ you would use to track movement.

The customer just wants to see his pub during the day for quality of service provided. It needs to be a low profile camera so other options are hard to sell.