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AXIS M3114- R M12: How Can I Convert To RJ45 With POE

I bought three AXIS M3114-R M12 cameras because the M12 version had 20 or 25 degree higher fov. What I probably should have done BEFORE buying them is figured out how to convert the female 4-pin M12 connector over to RJ45 while still having the POE work. I saw a very scary video on Youtube about how to do it myself, but it is WAY beyond my skillset!

Anyone know of an off the shelf convertor?

Hey Ross:

I know that adapters do exist, e.g., Harting adapter, ProSoft adapter

However, a few years ago I had the same issue. Axis recommended to me to exchange product for the RJ45 type instead of using adapters. They suggested that using adapters (even without PoE) in some cases resulted in image quality problems, and that 'adapter cost' was not a good gauge of 'adapter quality'.

I didn't get as far as to see/learn the impact of PoE on the issue, so I'm following responses to the problem too.

Looking at the installation guide for that camera, I don't imagine it would be hard to rig your own adapter... and since it IS an IP camera, I don't see how that would have any effect on image quality (unless I'm really missing something). As far as I can see, all you need to have it do is connect pins 1-3 and 6 on the RJ-45 to the appropriate pins on the M12 connector... PoE should work as long as your source supports PoE Mode A, where power is carried on the data pins.

The trickiest part to me would be getting your hands on the right connector, but you should be able to just take the end of your UTP run and wire it straight to the connector and be good to go... in fact, if the camera's connector is female, you could probably strip back the wire ends and just push them in (REALLY ghetto and not recommended for a production environment).

Matt just made a video on how to do this:

Matt just made a video on how to do this:


Oh man nothing beats a good MacGyver video! Thanks Brian and Matt for the links and the ideas. I will try the Prosoft adapter and if that doesn't do the trick (or it looks cruddy) move on to Matt's idea and actually try it on my own.

Great! Just spent the last 2 hours on Hulu watching MacGyver episodes, thanks John.


Even Axis has these RJ-45/M12 connectors as optional accessories... :)

Even though this is an old post I thought I would let you know that I used a PoE Mode A switch (power on pins 1,2,3 and 6) and just cut the M12 connectors off and reterminated with RJ45s. Cameras work just fine. The trickiest part of the install was finding a switch that does PoE this way.

Also, not sure where else to post this but in the IPVM 2015 IP Networking Book there is a typo on page 41 regarding M12 cameras saying that they use PoE Mode B only. This should read Mode A. At least as far as Axis P3905-R M12 is concerned.

Good Job! True, M12 cameras must use Mode A, with 4 wires what else?

The trickiest part of the install was finding a switch that does PoE this way.

Curious if you actually had problems using a POE endspan/switch as opposed to a midspan/injector?

The former have always worked for me as Mode A, the latter always Mode B.

This is the 1st and only time I've had to deal with this. My distributor shipped them not knowing the difference between M12 and RJ45 models. They were weeks late and arrived on our Friday deadline (typical). So when we realized their error it was a race in the office to find a switch or midspan/injector that same day. I found a cheap Planet PoE switch in stock so we went with that. Historically the Planet stuff hasn't been the most reliable for us but it got the client up and running. We'll see if we need to replace it down the road. Every supplier of network gear I talked to about Mode A PoE was clueless to the difference.

Here are inexpensive M12 to RJ45 ethernet connectors that I have used.

Looks good Aaron but I'm comfortable reterminating with RJ45s on site. Have you done your own terminations for this situation? Any benefits to using these connectors? I'd be interested to know.

Nah. I just keep a stash of these adapters and plug away.