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Axis M3024-LVE Video Quality

We are seeing extremely poor video from the Axis M3024-LVE's (straight from camera). Nighttime, daytime, close range.....everything stays a little fuzzy. We had to pull some from a customer site last summer because of the poor image and Axis said there was a batch that went out where the 'glue didn't set right around the lens' which may cause that problem.

We stayed away for a while and put more in last week....same issue. Just curious if others are using them. Unfortunately with the elimination of the M3113-VE (great camera for our use) there are no other lower cost options of outdoor for Axis.


Is it just drifting out of focus? We haven't sold a ton of the 3024, mostly the 25 and 26 and we havent seen any issues like that... That is a bit concerning

We heard back from a regional at Axis that it should not look this bad, and of course they're asking us to go to our local guy again. We'll probably just send these 2 in again....but my confidence in those cameras is pretty shot. The IR isn't any good on them unless you're in a closet.

We're an Axis shop but we've had more issues over the past year or so, and communication has been worse with them. But generally still good cameras and most bandwidth efficient for our offsite needs.

Attached image.

We have one of these (so far only used in our test of Axis VMD3), and have not had that issue, though I'll take a harder look at it. Does it make a difference what focal length/field of view it's set to?

Not really....we're only looking for 15-50 feet of use from the camera in most cases. May try out the 25-VE as the IR on the 24-VE isn't really that good anyway.

I'll report back once get word from Axis on it as well.

In an indoor environment like that, why not use the M3005-V?

It was in an outdoor setting, we just moved indoor to verify how bad it looked so could send to Axis.

We have experienced the same problem, also with the M5014 gears melting, very little support from Axis.

This is what I get for being part-time integrators as we are....(developers on the other end):

In the Axis FIXED cameras (m3004, etc), there is a hidden focus ring. You have to take off the rubber front and there is a small notched ring that will spin. This can get twisted also if you turn the outer ring to turn the camera's axis, thereby knocking it out when installing.

Sorta defeats the FIXED part, especially if on something that can vibrate it can go out of focus in time.

3 Axis representatives did not know this; regional contact, local contact and 1st line of support. In fact they were RMA'ing the cameras before we discovered it.

Learn something new every day. At least I can feel a little better on the cameras, not much but a little.

Hi Undisclosed A Integrator, my name is Kelley Brescia and I monitor IPVM as part of my role on the Communications Team with Axis Communications. Axis is committed to providing high quality products and services, so we value your feedback. I’ve shared your experience with our team, but encourage you to reach out to us directly to continue the conversation. You can reach me via email at or by phone at 978-614-2137, and I'd be happy to connect you with the right people. It’s important to us that we ensure any issues are resolved and that our continued partnership is both positive and beneficial.

Hi Kelley, we've solved part of our problems via support. If you could share with the group when Axis will again have a reasonably priced outdoor dome that would be great. The old M3113-VE worked well for our needs, but the new M3204/5 series prices out of a bunch of customers......$400 our cost is just too much for a fixed dome camera. We are an Axis shop but are currently testing some Dahua cameras just for that reason.


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