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Axis M3024-LVE Versus The M3025-VE?

Has anyone performed low-light tests for the Axis M3024-LVE (720p with IR) and the M3205-VE (1080P)? They both carry an MSRP of $549.00 and are rated for outdoor use. I'd like to know which one provided the most usable images in low light conditions.


One has built in IR and the other does not. We have not tested it but I would almost certainly go with the integrated IR one unless you had quite a lot of light. The non-IR one has an F/2.0 lens so you cannot expect strong low light performance with such a fundamental handicap. Reference: M30-VE datasheet.

Thanks. I felt they integtrated IR wioth 720p was the way to go, coupled with information from several of your articles. I was hoping to see some images of them side by side.

From testing lots of other Axis cameras, I am quite confident that between those 2 models for low light performance, the M3024 is the way to go. Also, even in the day, you are not going to give up that much with a 720p model vs 1080p.

We are not planning to test those cameras anytime soon as we are trying (currently) to test less common offerings.

Thanks John.