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Axis M3007 Or Other 360 Cam With Dahua NVR's

Has anyone done any testing with Dahua NVR's to see if you can access the different streams available from a 360 cam such as the Axis M3007? Curious if you can access any other streams than just the "default" stream which is usually channel 0 or 1.


Unless I'm missing something, no you cannot. I've got an M3007 connected to a Dahua HCVR7816S right now and no matter what stream number I use in the connect dialog, I only get the overview stream.

I tried the same with a Hikvision DS-2CD6362 but it didn't work either. I don't think I have any other on-camera dewarped cameras here to try, so that's all I've got for you.

Thanks, Ethan. This is exactly what I was going to try, so you've saved me the trouble of testing it...

Thread Bump.... Ethan have you guys tried any other iterations of this? With any brand of 360 cam, would like to import an ONVIF stream to Dahua NVR that has already been dewarped on the camera.