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Axis M3007 And Onssi

Has anyone been able to get the Axis M3007 to dewarp in Ocularis Client via the fisheye view? I have tried every setting I can think of and can't get it to work. The odd thing is I did an install at a customer and it worked on only 1 client and none of the others and every other system I have put in I have not been able to get it to work on either.

Have you read this already?

[IPVM Note: Poster is from OnSSI]

Dewarping of the Axis M3007 fisheye stream is not currently officially supported in Ocularis. However, besides the primary fisheye stream the M3007 provides 7 other streams (5 in wall mount configuration) that are already dewarped at the camera. Ocularis supports using any and all of these streams simultaneously with no additional licensing required. See video here.

Full client-side dewarping will be available in Ocularis 4.1 later this year for most 360 cameras from Axis, Samsung, Panasonic, GrandEye and others.

All cameras equipped with Immervision Panamorph lenses (such as the Sony SNC-HM662) are currently supported for client-side dewarping and can be easily configured in the Ocularis Administrator program in the Camera Properties window.