Axis DDNS Service Outage Report Nov 2017

A member notified us that Axis had experienced a DDNS service outage. We reached out to Axis and they provided the following response:

On Sunday November 19, we experienced a technical failure in a component in one of our server facilities. The outage occurred between approximately 9 am (CET) Sunday November 19 and 6 pm (CET) Monday November 20 and prevented new users from registering accounts to Remote Access. Some existing European users may have experienced temporary access problems but our secondary servers, located around the globe, took over as intended during the hours of outage.

Our DynDNS service was also affected during the outage, preventing some users to use our DNS-service as a way of reaching their cameras. The outage did not affect the cameras themselves or the ability to use the cameras.

We started restoring the primary servers early Sunday but experienced stability issues and decided not to take them live in that condition. We launched the restored and stable foundation Monday November 20, at 6 pm (CET). As far as we know, no data has been lost. Please note and for clarity’s sake: the affected servers never handle video data, so no video content or camera content was affected whatsoever. Instead, the downtime temporarily affected some user’s ability to use the DynDNS and Remote Access services as a means of remotely accessing their cameras.

In order to avoid future, similar situations, we are closely looking into what happened and will take appropriate actions. In a previously planned, coming change, we will reduce dependencies and increase redundancy in these solutions. The change is highly prioritized.

Last month, a number of members reported that Hikvision DDNS Server Was Down.

Any feedback? How significant, or not, has DDNS outages been for you?

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