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Axis Camera Recovery From Firmware Load Failure

Does anyone know if it is possible to recover an Axis camera (M5014) from a firmware load failure? If the status LED is on solid red, indicating a firmware load failure, is there any way to fix it yourself? Or must it be sent back?

What does Axis tech support say? This is the type of issue I would definitely want an answer specifically from Axis.

Btw, what is the current state of the camera? Does it boot up? Can you access the web page? In general, if there are problems with an IP camera that seem unexplainable, I generally factory default the camera. Still, I'd recommend asking Axis first.

I do not actually have the cameras, but rather I am being offered several of them for next to nothing and trying to consider if it's worth it. Axis documentation states you have to return it, but I wouldn't want to go to the trouble if there was a known tool or method to recover them.

If you do not have the cameras, how can you be sure it's really a firmware load failure and not another problem? Also, how old are the cameras? Are they still under warranty?

I assume it's a firmware load failure, because the Axis manual says that's what a sold red LED means. The cameras are brand new.

Feedback from Axis: "It should revert to the previous firmware load. If its inaccessible now he may need to do a factory default using the reset buttons. Have him call into support and they will take care of him."

Thanks John. It's actually from an electronics liquidator. I might just take the chance and buy the units in their current state. He sells working ones for 10 times more.

The only thing that makes me nervous is that, if the fix is so simple, why wouldn't he just do it, and sell it for 10 times (or at least 8 times more) :)

This actually doesn't surprise me at all. They have a stack of equipment to liquidate, trying to recover whatever possible at minimal effort. They aren't experts at everything they are trying to unload. I figure I'll make a $40 bet that I can get an otherwise new $700 camera to work.

I have two M5014 with the same issue. I'm interested if there is a method too. Thanks, Todd

Todd, there was a liquidator on eBay selling 2 otherwise new M5014's in this condition for 40 bucks per. My question was regarding whether or not it was worthwhile to take the chance. In the end, they shot up to over $200 anyway. That, and Axis's policy of not allowing warranty repair for anything bought on eBay, made me decide not to take the chance.