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Axis Camera In Exacq- Dewarp Options

First off, this is not a problem with Exacq, I was aware of the dewarp limitation prior to purchasing this camera, but it seems that there are Exacq employees on this site and I may have better luck getting an answer here vs Exacq support. I haven't had the best results with Exacq support, unfortunately.

I have an Axis p3807-pve connected to Exacq. It is a 180* camera. Great image, but it has a very large fisheye effect. If you watch the clip of this camera from the Axis website, it is a much better/straighter image, Axis support told me that their video client is dewarping the image.

The image is working fine, for our needs (with the fisheye effect), which is why I didn't return the camera and go with something else. However, I'd be curious to find out if Exacq plans on offering client dewarp for Axis cameras, in the future.


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