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AXIS Camera Error After Forced PC Updates

I had a large amount of updates pushed down to my PC by the corporate IT Overlords. Now I am getting the following error message every time I open one of our AXIS cameras. The display still comes up, but with the error message.

The error message shows in IE and Firefox now tries to open using Quicktime.

The larger issue I am having is that my Lenel OnGuard VideoViewer client now just shows black screens where the image would normally be.

So obviously something changed with my display drivers. I am just wondering where to start to find out exactly what changed since rolling back the updates is not an option.

Hi Ross,

That is a mess! Windows has an option to roll back drivers you can try (without rolling back updates). Access your PC's Hardware and Sound>Devices and then take a look at the drivers. There will an option there in the Hardware tab>Properties to 'Roll Back Driver' in addition to showing if any new drivers have recently been installed; look for the date.

Thanks Sarit, I am going to get in right now and take a peek!

So IT won't own the problem?

I would say its your video card drivers that need to be updated. Have you tried that? It would be on the local machine.

Which Video card? nVidia, AMD, Matrox or Intel? Were any of the updates to do with DirectX?

It does not make much sense for IT to green light a driver update though.... strange

So far no resolution to the issue. IT will not assist because all of the programs impacted are not supported programs. The programs are Security’s own so IT washes their hands of it should any of the corporate updates cause an issue. Fortunately the desk side service techs are WAY more lenient and I have a ticket opened for them to come over and take a peek. I am thinking it is something with just my laptop as no one else is having issues and my desktop still works fine. Very odd, but not the oddest thing my computers have ever done!

Microsoft has an annoying and bad habit of listing their video driver updates as "critical" updates. The replace the manufacturer's driver with their own version and sometimes it causes issues. Based on my experiance and that IT often pushes out critical updates I think that's a good possibility of what happened, so ask the desktop techs if it's possible to reload the video driver with the manufacturer's version.

IT washing their hands of the issue is unfortunatley and not atypical occurance of IT laziness I have witnessed before. Why would they be considered "unsupported" programs" Is not the video system a part of the company inventory? Was it not a company approved system? Is it not incumbent for the company IT department to assist in any and all technology service to the best of their ability?

If it is only affecting your laptop then I think it's safe to say it is a driver issue with your video card.