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Two Way Audio With Axis Camera Companion?

Hi Members

Here one to throw out to the masses to see if this has been achieved. I need to be able to access the duplex two-way audio feature of the M1054 camera via smart phone apps. IE whilst viewing the live video, can I also verbaly communicate (similar to skype/Facetime) with these apps via LAN/WAN connectivity to this camera?

I have not used it with the M1054, but I have used the uViewer app for two-way audio with other Axis cameras. The app page claims to work with the M1054.

I agree with Brian, It will work with uViewer and also IP Camera Viewer app for android. I use it daily for 2 way communication with M1031W to a few friends in other offices.

Thanks Gents

Ill try this out with the M1054 and let you know.

I have had success using IP Camera Viewer on an Android. The camera is an Axis P1344 with built in microphone and external speaker.