Axis A1001 / "POE Friendly" Electric Strike Suggestion

I'm using a couple Axis A1001 devices on a new buildout. Deviation from my norm, but it actually saved me on cost. Now, knowing that the power output for the locking hardware pin set has a max of 500mA for both doors, I bid an external supply for the second door.

While trying to rethink and further cut cost on material and labor, I started researching strikes with a current draw of 250mA or less so I could power both strikes from the A1001 without the external power supply requirement. I'm a HES fan and usually purchase their product, but they have no product that fits this need (to my knowledge anyways).

I've found a few, some of which were discussed here back in 2012 so I'm wondering if anyone has experience with any of the following devices:

* Trine 4850-POE

* Rutherford Controls 0563

* Von Duprin 4200

* SDC's Low Amp Devices (These don't fit the requirement, but I'm still interested)

If anyone has used these products or any I haven't found, I'd like to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions. Thank you

If you want to stay HES:

The A1001 puts out power at 12 VDC, so the HES 5000 series (mortise, not rim) at 240 mA should meet the requirement.

As far as the general practice of powering strikes with pass-thru controller power, one aspect is that low-draw strikes tend to be more sensitive/vulnerable to deficiencies in door/frame alignment.

A higher draw strike may have the juice needed to avoid binding or pre-loading (where contact between the lock latch and strike keeper interferes with the keeper unlatching), but the low draw models sometimes lack the 'kick' needed to blast through that stuff.

However, as far as general practice, it is pretty routine to use pass-thru power and it prove reliable.

Thanks for your reply Brian. Yes, pre-loading is my largest fear if I were to go to one of these devices. Unfortunately all doors in this build out are rim panic hardware sets so I'm stuck with that lock style, but I do appreciate the suggestion. Might just purchase some equipment for testing and see how they do on our office doors.

Just in case you hadn't seen this yet.

Thanks for the info Chris. So is there even a possibility to achieve what I'm trying to do or am I at a point where I should just purchase the external supply and be done?

In terms of Rim units that are low-draw, that particular Trine 4850 stike is mentioned favorably by our access classes.

I have no direct experience with that model, but with other strikes, Trine is a solid company with a good reputation for support.

Brian, there's something I'm not sure I understand fully about this controller and relay setup, regarding the two contacts in the power/relay block labeled 12v and 24v.

I am assuming that these contacts are not energized by the incoming POE connection, but only thru the DC IN block.

If that is the case why are there both 12v and 24v contacts, wouldn't one suffice? More importantly wouldn't they just be at the voltage at the DC IN block? Does the board regulate the input power on the way out or?

Not sure if it's applicable to this situation, but if those contacts were energized by the POE directly then it could supply another .5 A. I don't think that is likely, but can't be sure...

The A1001 supports 12VDC locks by default (via PoE power), but the 24VDC contact is available to power 24V-only locks, but you have to use separate power supplies/split High PoE to do it.

Got it. But there is a 12v contact right next to the 24v one, is that one also dependent on seperate power? This is in addition to the two 12v outputs for locks.

I see, that is a separate power and relay point for a switched I/O device rated for 12VDC output at a max of 500 mA. This is only supplied when an external source is used.

I see, that is a separate power and relay point for a switched I/O device rated for 12VDC output at a max of 500 mA. This is only supplied when an external source is used.

When you say external source, do you mean totally external or do you mean coming into the DC IN block from an external source?

FWIW, Axis Chat tech support says that the 12V/24V contacts on the power/relay block is actually powered by POE.

But in any case, the board won't give more than 500ma total between the 3 12V contacts, so no more power.

Thanks for the info. It would be nice if their hardware would have been designed to give me the total available power so I can distribute as I like. The readers I'm using only use 100mA (peak) and that would have given me more room to play with.

I'm going to give the Rutherford lock a shot. I'll try to remember to post back after I install them with my findings. As a backup, I purchased a small POE splitter for the second door in case the lock is not adequate.