Avigilon Or Axis Integrated IR Cameras - Have You Had Problems With Bugs?

Over the years, we have talked about incidents where bugs or spiders caused issues with integrated IR cameras.

However, as our integrated IR camera stats show, it's clearly not a problem for the majority of users.

On the other hand, it's not clear what factors cause this - is it certain form factors, or certain designs, or certain IR LEDs, or certain manufacturers or certain environments, etc.

So I am curious, for those of you using higher end integrated IR cameras (like the newer ones from Axis or Avigilon), have you seen problems?

I'd appreciate both yes and no responses so we can get a feel for issues (or lack thereof).

I have not had much success with some IR cameras. The housing seems to get dirty or have a bug on it or something that causes the view to be whiteout in spots. I've had better success with bullet cameras and even better, seperate IR illuminators. On Vivotek cameras, it was so bad that I turned it off altogether! On mission-critical environments go with/convince the end user to go with a seperate IR illuminators, or even a seperate camera's illimunators if you don't have to count on its view.

Matt, all, please specify which IR cameras you have used and in what environments.

Otherwise, we get into the generic 'all integrated IR cameras don't work' which is clearly false.

Matt, what cameras besides Vivotek, had problems with integrated IR? Was it Vivotek domes? bullets? older? newer?

I apologize for my general statements. I was implying the Vivotek DOME cameras. I was also trying to say that I would suspect that Vivotek's bullet cameras would perform better than their domes, however I'm still reluctant to try them due to what I felt was such a glaring design flaw; spoke to me that maybe there was better manufacturers out there doing more R&D. However, the latter is, again, just assumption. I won't know until I see Vivotek bullets performing with their IR. I will also note that I still would install the Vivotek dome cameras, I would just turn off the IR.

Models are: 8134 and 8361 and 8372.

Also Arecont, but I cannot remember the model numbers.

I will be having some Hikvision bullet cameras in a rural setting within the next two months that I'm nervous to see how they perform.

Perhaps they've made improvements with their "supreme" series, as these were unreleased at the time....?

It might also be interesting to learn in which locations the IR cameras are or aren't being bothered by bugs, insects and spiders. I'm guessing rural areas might have more problems but I could be wrong.

most my installations are in Metro areas, and the IR IP domes I've put in were all in Metro. It just seems to me that there's bound to be a breakthrough in this technology that makes the light more effective and less blotchy (at best, I get a very bright middle scene and the light isn't evenly distributed).

We have not had much success with the Axis IR cameras. The range seems shorter than other brands, hot spots seem more prominent, and wet have had a couple of instances where the IR leaks out and creates a "halo" effect due to the angle that err positioned the camera.

Brent, which Axis models? They have at least 3 - M box/bullet, domes and the high end Q.

Hi John,

We used the P3346-LVE cameras. Their view is quite nice within about 30' but beyond that we found the impact of IR, and the overall image, decreased significantly. To expand on the IR "halo", we had issues with ceiling mounting the camera. When we aimed the camera parallel to the ceiling we ended up with a "leak" in the gasket around the lens, which allowed the IR to appear against the dome. We replaced cameras to see if we had a bad one, but it turned out to be the camera design.


And you have problems bugs? Per the original question above.

john, we have used the avigilon bullet cameras with adaptive ir for over a year now and no problems with bugs... the older mjpeg2000 w/ir trim ring however those have given us problems... we installed those at a school three years back and they became a haven for small insects... we would clean them out about twice a year... we sealed everything but they still managed to get into the dome... we have also been burning some dahua mini bullet cameras at our office and have not had any bug problems with those... dome vs. bullet i do believe bugs can get into domes easier due to the serviceable cover, bullets are sealed tight however and bugs cannot enter... for now...

Keefe, thanks!

No problems with bugs to date


I use some AVIGILON IR cameras.

I have problems, with the old JPEG2000 dome, with the internal IR led. The problems, is the reflect between by the internal dome glass.

To fix it, i eliminate the space between lens and glass with rubber, to eliminate the disfraction.

Now i only use the BULLET AVIGILON CAmeras, and for me, it is the best IP/HD cameras of the world at this time (the 2MP is better than 3 or 5 MP).


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