Avigilon Millionaire Executives Compensation Quadruples

Despite a very tough, down 2014 for Avigilon's stock, Avigilon's key executives total compensation is up 400%, with 3 of them over $2 million.

Here is the breakdown:

Alex is within 2M...

wonder what the stockhouse boys feel about Fernandez and Schmode quadrupling their total compensation packages

Interesting that Wan, the current CFO and Co-founder is taking a very modest, Fortune 500,000 salary of only $169,600. And he's been busy since coming out of retirement, with the patent acquisition(s), the new headquarters acquisition, and the stock buy-back just to name a few.

And while the rest of the C's are content to take some well-deserved spoils from their years of incredible growth, Jung's philosophy remains archetypically ascetic.

Wan Jung does have substantial ownership / shares in Avigilon. Of the directors, only the CEO has more:

I do not know the rationale behind Jung's compensation plan but he has ~$50 million in Avigilon stock.

For those interested in examining this in more detail, see the 2015 Avigilon Management Information Circular.

Running almost Billion dollars company and making only $ 500.000

Poor guy

The CEO made $4+ million in 2014. $500k only counts salary, not the $663k incentive plan, and the nearly $3 million in shares and options.