Avigilon Is Not A Top 10 IP Camera Leader, According To These People

That's not our position, it's whomever these people are.

Check out the list:

So Arecont's better than Avigilon? Lol.

These are the same guys who ran the Ballot Stuffing The Most Idiotic Industry Person Results.

They also have BRS Labs a top 10 video analytic. Too funny.

Well they are number 6 for VMSes and number 1 for Analytics...

Based just on sales, doesn't the Mobotix entry seem more unlikely than Arecont?

(No compensation was provided for the entries on this list!)

The exclamation mark says it all. Really!!!

Mobotix and Arecont sales are roughly similar - $80 to $100m USD range roughly. Mobotix is more widely used in Europe, Arecont in NA, reflecting their home markets.

I cannot believe Canon is even on the list when being evaluated separately from Axis. Having taken over many, many sites I cannot think of a single occasion where any Canon cameras were involved. I certainly have never sold any Canon products. That item alone seems suspicious.

I rarely hear or see Canon IP cameras being used, certainly not compared to the others on that list. Canon cameras are fine but relatively basic, e.g., Testing Canon IP Cameras

As an employee of one of the top companies on here, I approve of this list. ;-)