Avigilon Gets A VP Of Marketing.... Finally

Almost a year after ousting their VP of Marketing, Avigilon has finally found a replacement.

And it is not in Vancouver, the much self-maligned HQ of the company.

More inside...

The new Vice President of Global Marketing at Avigilon is Texas based Margaret Herndon.

Herndon joins Avigilon after a 10 year term at HP, where she worked her way up from individual contributor to VP.

One clear impact is that this further increases power in the Texas office where sales and the former sales exec, now COO, is based.

And a clear positive, from a corporate perspective, is that Avigilon gets a VP from a very well known, very large publicly traded company.

The challenges we see are:

  • No industry experience, which will require time to learn the dynamics / idiosyncracies of the video surveillance market.
  • Switching from HP, a low to negative growth, conservative culture and having to adapt to Avigilon's win at all costs approach.

It's been a rough year since the previous VP of marketing left, with the stock down hard, and the company being hammered about executive resignations and the company's handling of them.

On the plus side, a strong VP of marketing is able to better communicate / spin / handle such problems.