Avigilon Executive Compensation 2015 Released

The last 2 years have been brutal for Avigilon's stock price, with 50%+ decline from its early 2014 peak, but terrific for its executives, with 200%+ total compensation increases and a ~$2 million average.

Here is the breakdown:

This comes from Avigilon's 2016 Management Information Circular.

Many complain about Avigilon's high executive turnover but, during their tenure, executives do quite well financially.

Also, interesting to note, Avigilon's CEO (and former COO) were primarily bonused based on revenue rather than profitability, as shown in this excerpt:

Even, the profitability is their disputed 'adjusted EBITDA' rather than net profits.

It will be interesting to see if Avigilon shifts their bonus towards greater profitability but the existing bonus is certainly in line with Avigilon's historical focus of revenue growth.

Curious.....Is the down-line sales staff compensation based on revenue or profitability?

Schmode had a decent run-rate for 8 months.

7. Mr. Schmode resigned as COO effective September 2, 2015. The Corporation has not had a COO since Mr. Schmode’s resignation. In connection with his resignation, Mr. Schmode agreed to provide continuing consulting services to the Corporation. The salary figure for Mr. Schmode for 2015 includes any compensation received for consulting services provided during 2015.

What happened to the poor CTO's TC? He isn't listed as a "former" but still saw a drop in TC.

The CTO received an $800,000 retention bonus that was paid in 2015 but accrued mostly in 2014, see this excerpt:

8. Includes payments and amounts related to payout amounts due upon Avigilon’s acquisition of VideoIQ, Inc. on January 13, 2014 and management retention bonuses subsequent to such acquisition. In 2015, Dr. Saptharishi was paid a retention bonus of $800,000 because he remained employed by Avigilon past July 13, 2015, of which $702,778 was accrued for in the 2014 calendar year (as mentioned below in footnote 9) and $97,222 relates to the 2015 calendar year.

That noted, think about the leverage he has now. Amidst all the executive departures of the past few years and with them promoting him as the most influential person in the industry, he might as well demand $3 million...