Avigilon Cameras Not Working In Genetec

Dear IPVM members, at the moment we have Genetec VMS and existing Avigilon ONVIF cameras on site. We have some available channels in Genetec and customer wanted to connect Avigilon cameras to have them in system.

But it wasn't possible to do since Genetec doesn't allow to connect it as Avigilon and as ONVIF. We contacted Genetec and they told that Avigilon is a straight competitor and they don't want to have Avigilon cameras connected in Genetec.

For Genetec it's a polytic but we have to fulfill customer's needs. Customer can't replace cameras because it's state organization and they have these cameras on a balance. Design organization expected to have ONVIF cameras connected in Genetec because it's very professional and well-known software. But in the reality - Genetec doesn't want to do the integration.

Actually Genetec supports Bosch, March Networks, Canon that also have their VMS and are direct Genetec competitors. Don't understand their point of view in this matter.

May be somebody has an experience how to modify Genetec (as it was before with Exacq - http://ipvm.com/updates/2409) to have the same?

Thank you for your experience and assistance!

Now Avigilon, Tomorrow Axis.

We are looking into this and will post back as soon as we verify what is happening. Thanks.

I read somewhere else on here that another VMS company instructed their engineers to remove support for Avigilon cameras. Exacq also intentionally broke intergration with Avigilon's cameras. I think this is very short sighted and does more harm to Exacq and any other VMS then it does Avigilon. I bet the amount of greenfield installs with Avigilon cameras and 3rd party VMS plateforms is very small compared to Avigilon end to end. So basicly these VMS just eliminated themselves from potentially taking over any Avigilon systems.

We wouldn't take over an Avigilon camera system for all the tea in China. They are a plagued organization and headed to the bottom.

So because you hate Avigilon you will intentionally prevent your VMS from connecting to their cameras? Bone head business decision of the year. No wonder you post undisclosed as I would be ashamed to associate with your company too.

I have a bunch of questions while we await Genetec's official response, because we've added Avigilon cameras to Genetec a number of times without issues in config or streaming, but camera side motion doesn't work (server side works fine).

1. What Genetec version are you using?

2. What Avigilon models are on site?

3. Are they running up to date firmware?

4. And when you try adding them via ONVIF, did you select Profile S? You have to make sure to do this, as the "all" driver is less reliable (and I think it's selected by default).

If this is really a corporate policy, as opposed to a rogue trash-talking RSM, it's idiotic.

AFAIK, Genetec doesn't sell cameras, so Avigilon cameras are only an oppurtunity to sell SC.

They support plenty of other 'competitors'...

Please let's keep the speculation, opinions on Avigilon's business practices, and discussion of what is/isn't a good business decision out of this. This thread is to answer a member's question. Feel free to start other discussions if you really want to talk about those topics.

Dear John and Ethan, thank you for your technical assistance. Let me please check the points with my colleagues and I will get back to you. It will be very positive if we can get it connected, and if it's possible to support motion detection - it would really help to the customer as they now don't know what to do.

Dear IPVM members, fully agree with you. Exclusion one company from a list of supported devices will not decrease Avigilon sales, but will decrease sales of this company doing ultimate principles in the business.

Dear undisclosed,

I work for Genetec as the Business Development Manager for the Northeast region (have been with the company for 10+ years, managed the Northwest and Western region for a whlie) and would be happy to help. Please contact me directly (dchauvin@genetec.com) and I can look into this matter as well and try to help. I'm not sure who told you that "Avigilon is a straight competitor and they don't want to have Avigilon cameras connected in Genetec" within our team, but the issue is much more complicated than that (partnership program with them, support on our side from their engineers, their API requirements when integrating their cameras, etc.).

John, I know we are not supposed to solicit anyone on here, I'm simply trying to offer help as well. Please retract my posting if you are not comfortable with me sharing my contact info directly.

@Michael - with all due respect, you have to understand that there are significant technical and political challenges when dealing with a competitor as a partner. One can't simply state that it's a bonehead decision, there is a lot involved on both sides of the agreement (or lack thereof).

David - I understand there are challenges both politically and technical but to remove support to be spiteful like "Undisclosed 3 Manufacturer" just seams silly and unprofessional.

It will be intresting to see what happens when Canon swallows up Axis will everyone stop supporting Axis. The next couple of years will be intresting for everyone.

Michael, I can't comment on the intentions behind Undisclosed 3's comments, but I doubt anyone is making decisions just to be spiteful. To say they wouldn't take over an existing system might be movitaed by the upcoming technical challenges linked to it, although I can't speculate too much.

Dear David, thank you for following up and we really appreciate that Genetec representative is here and ready to assist. At the moment we will collect the data requested by Ethan and will get back with this data shortly

We have an official response from Genetec.

There is no official Avigilon support from Genetec.

Roughly, your 3 options are:

  • Try to make Avigilon cameras work in Genetec using ONVIF, on your own.
  • Switch to Avigilon's VMS or some other VMS that supports Avigilon fully (e.g., Milestone).
  • Switch to some other camera manufacturer and use Genetec.

Or ask Avigilon tech support to get their cameras to work in Genetec, no?

In general, camera companies can't make themselves work in VMSes, not easily nor through tech support.

Typically, it is on the VMS to make modifications to ensure cameras work.

Right. But in this case Genetec and Avigilon are both claiming ONVIF Profile S conformance.

Presumably, one of them is not, at least not fully. If the flaw is in Avigilon's implementation, then correcting it could make it work.

If on the other hand they were intentionally breaking Avigilon based on OUI, that would be interesting.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure motion detection is not a part of Profile S. I just did a search of the specification for "motion" with 0 results.

Genetec doesn't allow to connect it as Avigilon and as ONVIF.

That is the problem stated by the OP. Why do you think this is about motion detection?

You're not wrong. It's not included in Profile S.

ONVIF specifies a format manufacturers must use for events. They do not specify the exact events. This is why each manufacturer must be integrated by the VMS.

ONVIF specifies a format manufacturers must use for events. They do not specify the exact events.

To be clear, regardless of what is mandated by Profile S, ONVIF itself has specified motion detection in great detail here in the 2.2 specification. Which Avigilon claims to have implemented.

In any event, what (besides Exacq breaking it) does motion detection have to do with the thread?

Camera side VMD is a fundamental part of camera integration. It's completely pertinent to the thread.

According to the OP, the cameras are not even connecting to Genetec.

Isn't that what the thread is about?

The OP wants to connect cameras to Genetec. That's what the thread is about.

He also asked about workarounds, like those in our Exacq post, which was in reference to motion detection working/not working.

Motion is related to the OP's question.

Sorry Ethan, you are right. I didn't notice the second post from the OP, mentioning that they would like to use (client side?) motion detection, if possible. Please accept my apology.

As you point out this intentional and unlikely to be remedied....

As for the general connectivity issue, a better outcome can be expected and I am willing to help.

In general, camera companies can't make themselves work in VMSes, not easily nor through tech support.

Typically, it is on the VMS to make modifications to ensure cameras work.

When I was quoting a job to use around 60x Sony Gen6 cameras on Avigilon, the motion detection in the Sony cameras was not working in Avigilon.
When I asked Avigilon to help, their response was, "Sony has access to our partner portal, get them to modify their cameras"
I told my supplier of the Sony cameras, and Sony actually wrote a new beta firmware and got the motion to work in Avigilon.

It is possible but very difficult to do as this is the only time I have been able to get a camera maker to change something to suit a VMS.

Most other camera manufacturers just blame the VMS...

Undisclosed 1, I would very much like to help.

Can you provide some model#s and firmware versions of the cameras/software involved, if you haven't already?

Sometimes clues can be found in the results from the ONVIF test tool for the specific config.

Also, any logs that you can forward from the cameras and the VMS would be helpful, as they may show what the reason is for not establishing a connection.


But it wasn't possible to do since Genetec doesn't allow to connect it as Avigilon and as ONVIF.

I'm gonna throw a crazy idea out there, but... can't you just tell Genetec they're some cheap off-shore ONVIF cameras in order to get the licenses? I mean, unless they've specifically programmed the VMS to pick the name out of the ONVIF data and block Avigilon...

Or, does Genetec have a "generic RTSP" option? I've installed a couple Avigilon cameras on a Vigil DVR, and while they do now have specific Avigilon support, in the past I've gone into the camera's settings, copied the RTSP string it provides, and pasted that into Vigil's "Generic RTSP" option.

Matt, see our post: Genetec: We Do NOT Support Avigilon

They are not blocking or refusing to provide licenses for Avigilon cameras. You can connect Avigilon cameras via ONVIF, best effort, no camera side VMD, no PTZ controls, no tech support.

Ah, I guess I misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying.

Dear John, Ethan, colleagues
I received the answer from my colleague about the version:
1] Security Center v 5 2 SR7 b1463 18

2] Avigilon cameras are 5.0-H3-BO2-IR and 5.0-H3-BO1-IR

Unfortunately me and my colleague who managed technical side of this project are out of the country in business trip and once we will get back - will try to implement your recommendations.

We can use also server VMD, no problem if server is capable to drive - we will be more than happy. But in the beginning we need at least to connect cameras.

Thank you for your assistance!

The H3 series should work via ONVIF in 5.2. I've never had issues, and I connected three cameras to Genetec a couple of days ago when this subject came up, and they connected and streamed fine.

So I'd recommend to start, a couple of things:

1. Make sure firmware is current.

2. Select Profile S as the product type when adding to Genetec.

2. Double check username and password. If you're using admin/admin (the default), make sure you select "specific" under the authentication options in Genetec. admin/admin should be the default for ONVIF in Genetec, but it never seems to work if I leave "Default logon" selected.

3. Make sure the camera is using Port 80 as the HTTP port. It's in the network tab of the menu of the Avigilon camera. Alternatively, if it's not using Port 80, you could change the above HTTP port selection to whatever the camera uses, if non-standard ports are desired for some reason.

Following those steps, I've always been successful adding Avigilon to Genetec via ONVIF.

Dear Ethan, thanks a lot. Will suggest to my colleague to try it

Dear colleagues,

my co-worker attempted to add Avigilon camera but unsuccessfully again. Please look at attached images. What you can recommend?

Thanks for your assistance

Sorry to hear you are still having problems connecting. :(

Any chance that your co-worker could get the 'Device Log' from the camera? The link is on the bottom left of your screen shot here.

It might tell us where the breakdown in communication is occurring.

Firmware looks like the latest.

Dear colleague,
I have device logs from two cameras. Where I can send it to?

Great. Are they enormous or do they contain sensitive data? If they are just repeating a few errors over and over maybe you could post that part?

@Ethan/John, could the OP email his logs to info@ipvm.com?

And then forward them to whoever wants to help?

Dear colleague, can I send you logs directly? May be you can suggest anything else based on logs and connection issues?

We still can't connect cameras - either with admin/admin or with new user created in Avigilon camera.

Colleagues, may be somebody can suggest anything?

Thanks for your assistance!

Sorry, just saw that this was a new message. You can send the logs to undisclosed4@gmx.com. The Genetec logs for the same time period would be nice too, in case there is a complete breakdown in communication.

You can forward them to info@ipvm.com and we'll take a look.

Based on the screenshots you provided, nothing looks out of the ordinary to me. We'll see what we can do.

any progress on this issue?

Dear colleagues, may be somebody has any updates regarding this case?

Thanks for your assistance

Is it possible to shorten the host name on the camera? Or is that dictated by some specfic requirement?

I would say an easy test would be to download ONVIF DM and try to connect to the Avigilon cameras with the same credentials and network parameters as in production.

If that works, then the next step is to wireshark the interaction between one camera and ONVIF DM and compare with a wireshark of Genectec and the cameras.

Dear Sean,
we shortened the camera name to CAM5. Result is the same
Also what we noticed:
1. we experience "Unexpected Error" when we connected to the server from client machine via LAN.
2. we experience error sounding like "it's impossible to connect to the camera with provided data" when we use client application on a server itself.

I.e. we have two different errors in the same attempt to connect to a camera.

We tested ODM - it works without problem.

Also I have two Wiresharks - when we did a connection with ODM and with client application from server itself. Where I can send these links to?

Dear colleagues, thanks for your asssistance

Dear colleagues, is there a chance to get a responce from anyone?

Dear guys, I would like to declare that Genetec kindly and professionally assisted us to resolve this case. Everything is working now and a customer is happy

Good news.

Breifly, what was the problem?

Genetic doesn't want to play nice with Avigilon because Avigilon plays nice with nobody. They are a bunch of know-it-all wall street bean counters and slick salesmen dressed like professionals with extraordinary claims about being first to market ip end-to-end (nearly proprietary) and how they would change the world!

They have pretty much pissed off anyone who knows what they are doing in the industry and it is beginning to show in their desperate attempt to gain a revenue stream in the form of lawsuits, or to strong arm licensee OEM payment demands from camera manufacturers. They spent 40M for those patents and are playing hardball. This growth strategy will only further alienate them from important and necessary industry relationships.

Sell Avigilon - Stock that is..

Sell Avigilon...

Need to cover?