Avigilon Attack Artist

Within the last year I posted a question regarding the major differences between Genetec and Avigilon. Now I want to know more and get feedback. Is anyone else experiencing the Genetec bashing I am from Avigilon integrators.....ESPECIALLY in the education vertical as it pertains to K-12? Seems that every end user in this vertical we run into them(Avigilon), it's always the same story......1.") Genetec requires SMA...we give you free upgrades and maintenance for life." 2.) They are almost giving away the software to beat me in the interim....and 3.) Avigilon has a 100% success rate in the education vertical across the country. Is anyone else seeing this? It's seems like their focus is to bash other VMS's as opposed to just focusing on selling their own product. Input?

That's like asking why The Rock doesn't be quiet and just wrestle...

This is Avigilon's thing. For example, Avigilon's sales rep at ISC East was asked by our secret shopper about Avigilon's competitors. His answer:

"They all suck."

Now, let me defend Avigilon somewhat here:

  • The Genetec SMA requirement is not technically true but, for all intents and purposes, you probably need / want one since otherwise you cannot get ongoing updates or phone tech support. And Avigilon tech support answers the phone and provides good support for anyone, including us. That noted, Avigilon does charge for major software upgrades, though compared to Genetec, it is much less expensive.
  • As for giving away the software, that is certainly Avigilon's prerogative. They can do that because Avigilon aggressively sells their hardware (boxes and cameras), making the money that way (same reason why they can afford not to charge for an SMA).
  • Finally, as for their success rate, Avigilon reps and dealers are just like that. Avigilon is the best. Everyone wants Avigilon. No one could possibly consider anything else, yadda, yadda. You should be able to easily enough offer counter examples (with Genetec's help) on numerous Genetec accounts.

Btw, Billy, you mentioned K-12 education. In general, check our School Video Surveillance Guide.

One concern is just how willing your K-12 customers are to spend on higher end VMS software. What cameras are you offering to them? You might want to consider Hikvision, Dahua or one of their OEMs. The tactical reason here is that Avigilon depends on selling their own cameras to make their money. Nonetheless, especially for basic to mid-level cameras, Avigilon is not very strong on price/performance. Those Hikvision or Dahua cameras could help you counterbalance and offset the discounted VMS pricing they are pushing.

In Houston, we don't see that push from Avigilon. We do see that from Video Insight, though. We've been somewhat successful in the K-12 market, but it's very hard to compare a Genetec/Axis type solution with a Video Insight/Advidia solution when cost is the primary driver. We just saw a very large school district in the Houston area select VI over Genetec for a 3800 camera deployment, even giving the Genetec/Axis solution we proposed a lower score for quality than the VI solution. We only find success in K-12 where strong IT Departments heavily influence the buying decision and we have an opportunity to educate the decision makers before and during the buying process.

"We just saw a very large school district in the Houston area select VI over Genetec for a 3800 camera deployment, even giving the Genetec/Axis solution we proposed a lower score for quality than the VI solution."

Any specific factors cited? A lower quality score for G/A vs VI/rebranded Hik does not make much sense to me.

Here's the link to the award letter. This could start a new discussion thread. Purchasing used a scoring matrix in an attempt to be objective. However, the subjectivity is unquestionable. I admit bias, but we have a pretty darn good reputation, we proposed a well-proven solution, we have a highly-trained operational team, and we included some significant value engineering options in our proposal. Don't take my comments as a whining complaint. I understand the competitive landscape and knew this would be a tough one to win. My point is that, even for a $4M program, the RFP process doesn't always deliver the best solution from the best vendor. Back to Billy's original post, success in the K-12 market and similar, cost-sensitive markets requires that you either influence the RFP process, find a cooperative purchasing program for the Owner to use for a direct award, or deliver the lowest cost solution.

Shaun, I started a new discussion here: Ranking Responses To $4.6 Million School Surveillance Project. I'd appreciate you providing some more color / details there.

So did VI sell direct to school district??

Avigilon falling stock price says it all. They can give free tech support but when there's no company it won't matter. And aso a past Avigilon dealer I hope they fail. Arrogant fools,

One thing I have come accross several times, more against Milestone, even on smaller systems Avigilon will compare their price against Corporate, not against an equal platform which makes a huge difference.

Then the problem is that Avigilon is setting up the goal posts for you in order for you to fail with Milestone. The key is getting in front of the school, the same way they do, to put them in the least favorable light.