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Avigilon High Definition Stream Management?

Has there been tests performed on Avigilon's VMS high definition stream managment?

vasiles... here is a link to the accc 4.2 test and hdsm is discussed in the video...

Interresting read. Just got off a sales pitch from Aviglon. would there be any plans to do a sanity check on where they are in terms of technology. We have all seen the news about their growth. An MSRP of ~350$ per channel is steep but long term there are no ongoing costs. (for now that is, no annual support). They still seem to lack enterprise management tools, and its not was not clear whether the client streaming capability is still restricted to JPEG2000 cameras.

Vasiles... there are several reports and testing using avigilon products on ipvm... The $350 dollar license you are talking about is the Enterprise level (actual msrp is $335)... they do offer a couple other license versions as well, Core with an msrp of $95 and Standard with an msrp of $185... each one has different features... you are right they don't charge an annual fee for software upgrades those are free... the only upgrade i am aware that they charge(d) for is the upgrade that transitions customers to ACC5 from ACC4... and depending upon when the original ACC4 install was done the upgrade to 5 may be free...

What enterprise mangement tools are missing in 5.0?

100 servers managed as one site... 12800 total cameras

When I speak of enterprise managment I speak of 100s of sites across global geographical spread. Managing 100s of users, profiles, rule sets..

Now it's 100 servers at same location as one site... Manage unlimited users.. rules.. rights in one interface

Soon multi location added

How is 'location' being defined here? Specifically, why can 100s of servers be managed at same 'location' as one site but NOT at 'multi location'?

Location = LAN

100 servers = 12800 cameras = max for one site.

Doesnt work over WAN contection at this time.

vasiles... you currently can manage any site whether on the lan or wan... the management isn't universal to my knowledge amongst multiple servers so you want to change a setting you have to select a specific server... what i mean by this is i don't believe you are able to select one of your customers many servers and have access to all the users and globally change user settings... i may be wrong...

All users, alarms, email, rules managed from one interface for upto 100 servers on your LAN.

That is the whole point of "sites"

HDSM is a combination of JPEG2000 and multistreaming for H.264 cameras. With JPEG2000, one obviously has the much higher storage costs to deal with. With H.264, it is nothing unique as many offer multistreaming including a number who do it better. See our VMS Multistreaming Comparison.

Here is a report on Avigilon 5.0 Upgrade Plan and Costs Reviewed