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Avigilon H.264 PRO Cameras - Can I Get An RTSP Stream?

Hi All,

I know that when you buy an Avigilon Pro camera you are locked in to the Avigilon VMS. This is OK but I have a special circumstance that I need to get the RTSP stream of this camera.

They use H264 so in theory it should be possible to do. Avigilon support has given me a definite no.

Has anyone tried (and succeeded) in getting the RTSP stream of a H4 pro camera?

I don't know the answer but I am pretty sure you can stream / send H.264 without using RTSP.

If you have one of the H4 cameras, use a packet sniffer to see how their are transmitting the video.

Soleratec have a pretty good list of RTSP stream URLs.

To clarify, the Avigilon H4 PRO cameras in question are not on that list.

Avigilon support has given me a definite no.

Translated from French, this marketing blurb seems to say oui.

Also RTSP is listed as a supported protocol in their spec.

P.S. Gotta love the "new Avigilon cameras are an unavoidable solution."