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Aver Surveillance Products

I have worked on Aver products such as IP cameras sf2012H-B , sf2012H-D and others. Also I use hybrid DVR as IWH series, EH series and Nano series

I have good feedback about it but I need your opinion.

Aver, formerly Avermedia, has faded over the last few years. They were fairly early with lower cost IP products, like their hybrid DVRs we tested 5 years ago.

However, the company has not made much effort with new products nor marketing since then. Making it more challenging, Aver's surveillance products compete for attention / resources with their video conferencing and presentation product lines.

Aver's revenue has declined quite significantly since 2010, dropping from ~$100 million USD to ~$55 million USD in 2013. I suspect that has made things even more difficult for them.

In the meantime, of course, Taiwanese and Chinese focused surveillance manufacturers have gotten stronger.

Aver's surveillance products might be acceptable, but their pricing looks high and their product offering is more limited / behind rivals.