Can I Configure An Intrusion Alarm To Automatically Arm & Disarm?

Can I Configure An Intrusion Alarm To Automatically Arm & Disarm?

System: GE Simon Xti

Monitoring system: Monitronics/ platform

Client wants to configure it in such way that it can automatically fully alarm the system at 8am and disarm at 6pm daily, with no human involvement whatsoever.

Can this be done?

PS. fully understand the liability concerns and all, just a technical question here.


I think has scheduleds in their system. It's a pretty common feature for intrusion alarms. You will need to change a few things in programing to make it work. Schedules typically close (arm) in PM and open (disarm) in AM.

We use Auto-arm all the time. I have customers that forget to lock the door, much less turn on the alarm.

As a rule, I don't like auto-disarm. That is a bad practice. What will you do when it snows??

I'm with you mark, in my home. My house autoarms everynight and if I disarm it will auto rearm all night until 7am. If someone disarms after 7am then it will not attempt to auto rearm until my auto arming is scheduled to start again.

I realize that might be confusing haha

How does an automatic schedule like this handle a fault in a specific zone? Someone accidentally leaves a window open, or a sensor goes bad, etc.

Does the system ignore the trouble zone and arm the rest of the system normally? Or does the whole thing remain in the current state until the trouble spot is manually addressed?

Mine is setup to bypass automatically, better to have part of the system armed than none of it. If something is bypassed I will get a notification.

Typically you have your choice when you are programming Brian.

You can either stop the arming process or auto-bypass and arm anyway. The choice is easy.

Commercial installations can pose some challenges such as people working late while the system begins to arm, or custodial services getting there late, disarming and not rearming after auto armed.

Residential auto arm challenges could be something like pets left inside and the system, with old technology interior detection, auto arms in the away mode

Maybe a feature that signals failure to arm, or arming outside a scheduled time, or a Central Station opening/closing rule that generates a call when a closing does not occur or an arming occurs when it shouldn't.

I use Total Connect to alert me when my elderly mother's alarm system is not armed by 10PM or disarmed by 8AM each day. I get a text message and then I check on the website or app to see if the condition is true.