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Auto-Autofocus, A Grievance On Convenience.

I'm not sure how many others give thought to camera focus, but there is a trend that I'm not 100% on board with. Namely, cameras that only have an autofocus when users zoom in/out or when you move the camera and have NO button for autofocus. I know of a few Dahua brand cameras that utilize this (among others), but it's something that I have seen issues with in the past (and had to whip up a personal fix for).

My issue is that sometimes when cameras switch from day to night, the cameras that use an auto-autofocus attempt to force a focus after the IR cut filter switches. This has caused focus issues in the past. I've had to force cameras to a "manual" mode for focus to stop them from focusing. Also, it's an inconvenience during PMA routines when I'm trying to adjust aim/touch focus and can't have an option to simply hit a button.

A gripe for sure, but I prefer that the option remain available to have a button to launch focus (either web-based or located on hardware).

Curious if others had similar gripes or experiences. Thanks for any and all responses!

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