Authorized U.S. Online Reseller Of Hikvision - B&H Photo

With prices and everything! And product in-stock. Just like a real store.

At a certain retail outlet that you may be familiar with, B&H photo.

No tax id required. Is it a mistake? Are there others?

"Just like a real store."

B&H is, in fact, a real store.

Well that explains it...

Just my luck to want to place an order in the middle of Rosh Hashanah!

Hikvision confirms they are authorized, noting:

"B&H is buying thru authorized sources and is responsible for Technical Support and Warranty service to their customers."

Is this the only authorized online retail store for Hik in existence?

So if someone orderd a Hikvision camera from B&H will Hikvision will not support them directly? Customers will have to get support from B&H?

Sorry I didn't see this sooner. B&H will provide initial support for Hikvision. Should tier 2 support be necessary, B&H will arrange for it.

B&H not listed here as an authorized distributor, maybe an oversight?