Australians, Are You Using Australian CCTV Standards?

Reference: Australia CCTV Standards Set.

Does anyone use them? Are they enforced?

Last update seems to be 2008, are they up to date?

Anyone from Australia who can shed some light about how Australians use or do not use them would be appreciated.

Hi John, as you have noted, the last update to the AS 4806 series of standards was in 2008. Much of the information is dated to the point that I haven't heard anyone make any serious reference to the standard in the last couple of years. I think the intentions behind the standard were noble but it has not been maintained and has largely fallen into disuse.

The standard covers the design of CCTV systems and the equipment that could be used. Anyone wanting this kind of information is far better served by undertaking the IP Camera course at IPVM as it is right up to date.

The standard also caters to government agencies and departments wanting to deploy CCTV in public spaces and provides guidelines for appropriate usage. This still has some relevance. I believe the tenders for some government CCTV projects may still make reference to this standard but I don't know how strictly it is followed.

The standard contains technical details of PAL timings which are obviously relevant for making cameras work in Australia but which aren't of any great interest to people working in CCTV distribution, sales, system integration and support services in Australia.

I cater to small business and residential system integration where the standard has little relevance due to being so out of date.

Luke, thanks!

So evidently it is not enforced nor verified for individual private installs? So it's more of a guideline or recommendation really?

That's correct.

These standards were the work of industry legend elect and Australian CCTV standards subcommittee chair Vlado Damjanovski. Here in part 1 of a 3 part series from 2011, Vlado explains more than anyone could ask for about AS 4806.

IPVM backstory. Unfortunately the free link to the draft version on IPVM is no longer working.