Austin Powers And Dr. Evil On ONVIF

With apologies in advance, no one can bear to watch the full 6 minute video below:

I was in a bad mood when I hit play, and by the end I was in an even worse mood.

I lost my mojo...

They need to add "Freakin lazer beams" control to the next profile spec...

You didn't hear about Profile L....

Still kudos must be given to ONVIF for the actual execution of the idea even as we question the motivation.

I mean seriously, where are you going to find someone who:

  1. Looks reasonably like Austin Powers
  2. Has or can manage a convincing English accent
  3. Can play the part of Austin Powers including self-interacting with Dr. Evil
  4. Can speak extemporaneously regarding ONVIF profile implementation
  5. Tolerates ridicule well

Maybe next year they can find a Arnold Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris guy...

"Can speak extemporaneously regarding ONVIF profile implementation"

Define extemporaneously.

'Austin' was reading most of his bit from index cards.

Define extemporaneously.

extem · por · aneously adv. early Latin

extem = eminating from, por = your, aneously = origination point.

literally 'speaking out of your a**'.

Seriously though, didn't Austin take impromptu questions from the audience?

I would be curious to know if he is either a hired actor or an actual onvif employee. If the latter someone thought this poor employees doppelganger to be austin powers and they ran with it. If he is an actor I guess we can expect onvif to have wayne campbell at isc 2016.