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Audio With Exacq

Hello fellow IPVM members

Looking at doing fairly large audio recording with exacq. I know you can use IP cameras that have audio inputs with seperate mics or even internal mic.

But has anyone ever just used an exacq hybrid server or even encoder just to do audio? Z-series support 16 audio channels.Exacq Z-Series IP Camera Server and Hybrid Video Servers | Exacq from Tyco Security Products

Trying to find Cameras that are IK10 and above, with audio and exacq supports the audio. Is like a Cat and mouse game. Not trying to put in box cameras either and i don't want to spend 1000 dollars camera. More like 500 and below.


Here is a list of 25 cameras that have are IK10, have audio input, less than $500, excluding box types.

There are at least a couple that have Audio supported by Exacq, the Vivotek MD8562 and the Samsung SNF-7010. I only looked at 5 or so.

I like the hybrid 16 ch idea. Maybe using their 4x4 ch encoders is good too, they only require 4 Exacq licenses. But i don't know the price of either so it's hard to tell...

Curious why would you want to record audio? Check your local wiretapping statutes. Certainly check the Federal one too.

This was 5 years ago. Hahaha In Iowa, only one party needs to know that they are being recorded. We do telephone recording all the time in Iowa and we don't need to mention that you are being recordeded to the inbound or outbound callers. I found out the same for audio recording on a camera system as well.