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Audio-Only Recording Device With WiFi Or PoE

Does anyone know of a standalone audio-only recording device that can upload clips via HTTP, FTP, or email?

We need 1 per room for a special care facility. I called Louroe based on other discussion threads, but they knew of no audio-only device with IP connectivity. If they cannot be standalone, then we'd also consider a base station that encodes and uploads audio for its connected audio devices.

See the Axis P8221 for one example. Connect a mic via mini-RCA and go from there. The P8221 is listed as supported by many VMSes. It's expensive at ~$330 USD per unit, and VMS licensing is handled like it is a camera.

How about the Grandstream SXV3500? It's a $100 encoder, includes audio. Plus Grandstream is historically an IP telephony company which means they likely have some experience making audio work (which many video companies treat as an afterthought).

Thanks for that pointer to Grandstream. It looks like they have a good HTTP interface too.