Atomic-Level Forge-Proof ID Invented

A purportedly unduplicatible nanomaterial based ID has been created by scientists at Lancaster University.


They're not shy about making claims:

The invention involves the creation of devices with unique identities on a nano-scale employing state-of-art quantum technology. Each device we've made is unique, 100% secure and impossible to copy or clone.

The ground-breaking atomic-scale devices do not require passwords, and are impervious to cloning, making them the most secure system ever made. Coupled with the fact that they can be incorporated into any material makes them an ideal candidate to replace existing authentication technologies.

Phil Speed co-founder of Quantum Base said "Q-IDs markedly increase the security gap between the good guys and the bad guys; this is truly a step change in authentication and authorisation. Lancaster and Quantum base have created devices that are the smallest, the most secure and the cheapest possible today and we are looking forward to talking to prospective markets and customers alike to bring this new, cutting edge, great British technology into mass market adoption."

*This is not what the ID looks like, but it is supposed to represent the unique pattern being emitted from the device, most likely not Wiegand compatible..

Uniqueness is not an unfamiliar trait. Being unique in a discernible way is.

Every snowflake may be different, but to me it's just a whole lot of freezing precipitation.

'Atomic-scale' sounds impressive and all, but I'm skeptical of what value that level of uniqueness has at a people-scale level.

I remember reading that the individual 'germ fog' that surrounds us is unique enough to use as a biometric, so there was a team trying to put together some kind of sensor that sniffed you to verify identities.

I thought this was hilarious. I'll try to find the link.