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ATM Door Opening By ATM Card

I have an enquiry in providng a solution for a bank to have their ATM door opned only by the personnels ATM card. I have seen similar system in some other countries but doesn't know who provides such a solution.

Any ideas?

Parabit makes a kit. It can be set up in a couple of ways but the ones I've done (admittedly few) open the door for any valid magstripe card. As long as there is data on the card, no matter what it is, the door will open. That seems to be the most reliable way of doing things. You can also set it up to open only if it's bank ATM information, but I can't speak to any issues there, having never done it.

Kantech also used to have a kit for this, which was basically just a reader and a timer, but it seems to be discontinued. It's still showing up online, but not on their website. You may want to call them as well.

That brings back memories. Bosch used to sell a Dibos7 that could take a reader in and had a "deny" list. It kept other banking customers out of the vestibule. I believe it was popular in Germany. Not so much I the states.

For Parabit, do any kingd of magnetic debit card would work ?

We use CANSEC and program the BINN codes into the unit for authorized banks. There is a limit as to what bank/debit/credit cards you can enter, but normally, it's not that big of an issue. The Mullion Reader from CANSEC works great as a means of external access. Granted - ensure you know your fire-code / building code as they state in their documentation that installation of their access control for ATM's may violate fire code in certain jurisdictions.

Is there any system that reads smart card instead of the magnetic stripe of the debit/credit cards