ASSA Motorized Push Bar Constantly Re-Opening Itself And Motor Running

A customer has an exisitng ASSA motorized push bar. They are complaining that during the hours that it is open, it is constantly re-unlocking itself. (You hear the motor running) This happens probably at least once or twice an hour.

It is a double door, one door does it, the other doest. One thing I noticed that the door that does it, has a feature that if I force the push bar out (to lock it) it will automatically unlock itself. The other door does not do that.

Any suggetions?

So the latch retraction device continually cycles? Or is it just the push bar cycling only?

Also this point: "This happens probably at least once or twice an hour." Does this happen all the time, or just once/twice hourly?

The motor in the push bar runs often (you can actualy hear it coming from the push bar).

It doesnt run non stop, I can stand next to it for 30 minutes and it will only go once.

It is almost as if it things the bar is not pushed in and it is trying to pull it in.