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ASIS Editor-In-Chief Out

After 20 years at ASIS, the Editor-In-Chief of their publication, Security Management announced her resignation.

There has been a lot of talk in the last year of the value of ASIS, not just its certifications, but the value of going to the annual show and the whether the 30 percent membership increase is actually worth it. In the last six months, amid rumours of the magazine going from print to digital, the publisher of its magazine Security Management left and now the editor-in-chief is gone.

1. What is going on over there?

2. Would major changes to the magazine impact the value you feel you get out of a membership?

In 2011, ASIS generated $4.8 million in publishing. That's a non trivial part of their nearly $30 million in total revenue. I am not sure how ASIS recognizes / catgorizes revenue here, since the magazine is included in their membership fee. However, certainly a significant portion is from advertisement sales.

My question is: How can they go digital only without destroying their advertising base? My understanding is that manufacturers pay far more for print ads than they do for digital banners/ads/etc.