ASIS 2014 Attendance Down

ASIS has released their attendance figures for the 2014 show and it is down from last year in Chicago.

In 2013, ASIS claimed 20,600 attendees. In 2014, ASIS claimed "more than 19,000". That is a drop of 4% - 8%.

ASIS also cited a modest decrease in show floor size from 230,000 net square feet in 2013 to 223,000 in 2014. However, as our show coverage noted, tens of thousands of 2014 space was not booked for booths, turned into lounges, on floor meeting rooms, etc.

In terms of exhibitor numbers, ASIS cited 640 in 2013 but did not disclose any count for 2014.

On the positive side, ASIS' press release including glowing testimonials from Tyco, Samsung and PPM. Contrast to our ASIS 2014 ASIS manufacturer survey results.

40% of Attendees Are Manufacturers

The 19,000 attendance figure includes both attendees and exhibitors but ~40% of attendees are exhibitors / manufacturers. For example, the 2012 show, audited, shows that 7,690 of the 19,431 attendees where 'exhibitors, Non-Exhibiting Sponsors and their Support Staff." This pattern / percentage has been fairly constant over the years.

This was the first ASIS I have been to. It was noticeably emptier than other trade shows like NAB, NSCA, Infocomm, ISC West, etc. There was too much real estate for the attendee count. The meeting rooms and other areas converted from unsold exhibit space was appreciated even if done as an attempt to utilize the empty space.

I found the Atlanta show to be a turn off for a few reasons when compared to locations like Chicago or Atlanta. The convention center was a maze to get to the show floor, the floor being a thin long arraingment i found difficult to jump around from booth to booth. In talking to manufactures more than normal told me they were not going to the show and decided to at the last minute ( was there some sort of booth price reduction because so few manufactures were going?). The new technology on display seemed to basicaly be the same stuff from ISC West. The city in Atlanta ranks as one of the worst I have been in. Our hotel staff told us dont go out at night, very limited police presence on the streets. Most restaurnats outside the convention hall appeared to be closed. The tourist attraction "Atlanta Underground" was a ghost town. If a convention goes back to Atlanta I would be hard pressed to go.

I'm sure someone had a nice experience in Atlanta, but for me in my 20 years of doing trade shows ( first in atlanta) it ranks as the worst in value, both educatonally and enjoyment.

ASIS 2014 levels were the same as 2009 levels (hit hard by the recession) and 2004 levels (see ASIS 2009 Attendance Down to 2004 Levels).

Also, in 2008, number of exhibitors peaked at 850, now down to less than 640.