Armored Access Control Composite Cable?

I have a facility that is open ceiling at only about 8' up in which we are quoting card access. I have a need to install the cabling open air or in conduit due to the nature of the facility. Conduit is likely to push the cost well past the customers budget. Does anyone make a composite access control cable that is also pre-armored? I'm looking for something like the Belden Data-Tuff cable except I am not looking for Cat5e/6.

Interesting. What type of cable are you looking for? 22/8? 18/6?

Do you need the jacket color to match the color of the exposed steel? That also might be beneficial here, to not be a color than stands out.

I did something similar in the past (in data center cages) and fed the wires through 3/8" flex conduit like this: Thin Wall Flex. It's not too bad, $40 for 100'.