Arecont UK: 30 Analog Replaced With 17 MP Cameras

Recall this marketing gem:

Now, Arecont's UK country manager has a much more modest recommendation:

"For example, a large telecommunications company had originally designed a video surveillance system for their retail operations with 30 analog cameras and was able to reduce the number to 17 total megapixel cameras without any compromises in coverage area."

That's certainly reasonable at a 2:1 replacement ratio.

What will be challenging for Arecont, and every MP IP vendor in the UK now, is the recent surge in Analog HD offerings.

As Arecont's UK manager admits:

"The market's long-established dependence upon analog systems has contributed to a view that transitioning is just too difficult an obstacle to overcome at this time."

Now that analog has MP, at a lower price and with greater backwards compatibility with analog systems / technicians, MP IP will have even bigger challenges.