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Arecont 8185DN Panoramic Cameras On Hikvision NVR Live View Performance Issues

Just upgraded some old Windows NVR's to a HIKvision 9664 and upgraded to the new 4.0 firmware.  All very sweet, but the Arecont cameras are not playing nice with them.  Live view from the HDMI internal port is very splotchy, and virtually non existant from an IVMS 4200 connected computer. The only options I've found are the built in Arecont driver protocol which defaults to UXGA 1600x1200 resolution.  No other lower res options available.   By contrast the HIK cameras are all smoking fast on both HDMI and remote clients.

Surprisingly, the recorded images from the little I've checked appear to be solid, but I've only had it up a couple of days.

Customer wants some live view monitors for the panoramics. Is there another alternative to display the live images? Perhaps a compatible Onvif protocol with lower resolution settings?  Perhaps a different viewer software?  Ideally I'd like a 4x4 matrix to have 4 panoramic street views.

I tinkered with Arecont AV200 software.but it just crashes and locks up.  I perused the Arecont SDK manual and it appears you can set up some RTSP streams with different parameters, but it may be a bit beyond my skill level.