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Arecont 360 Degree Camera Offering

I have an Arecont Vision AV12366dDN and the elevation (altitude) adjustments are limited and cannot be adjusted to near horizon.  I learned this camera is discontinued in favor of the AV12176DN-28.  Can this camera be adjusted to provide horizon views?

Also, I noted the camera shown on the IPVM site for the WDR AV12366DN is not shown as the correct camera pictorial. 


Phil, They can be adjusted from straight ahead (0°) to straight down (-90°).  We have this video on how they work:

That video comes from this report on Testing Arecont Omni.  We also have one these cameras that I pulled and set the imagers to varying angles to illustrate this for you.


Thank you for the heads up on the AV12366DN image - that has been corrected.