Are Your Phones Ringing Off The Hook After The Recent Shootings?

This article claims as much.

There is no doubt that tragedies spur interest in security systems but how much are you seeing?

After Newtown we got a lot of calls in CT. I feel like most people still think it will never happen to them so they don't worry about it. Thats why only 20-30% (I don't remember the exact number) of home in the US have alarm/fire alarm systems.

Didn't notice a difference we always have more leads coming in than we can handle. Any one want to buy hot leads that are customer intiated through our websites in PA, NJ, DE?

Let the bidding begin. I usually don't respond to the residential ones.

How much you want for the good leads?

Jerry Graff wants at least a buck a throw.

Our phones started ringing off the hook after the Charlie Hedbo incident and hasn't let up since.

I need to get one of those phones that the article talked about, cause mine aren't ringing off the hook! We have plenty of business, but I have not seen an uptick. My guess is people are getting numb to the monthly train of tragedy.

Last spring we took on design of 2 new high school additions. Neither of them wanted any lockdown capability. Yet in another district 50 miles away, that is not so upscale, I was told by a principle that they have lockdowns on a near weekly basis. I don’t get it!

A number of my customers are Jewish institutions. They are collectively freaking the hell out, whether they've had a credible threat or not. We have Jewish schools' PTA meetings with parents demanding armed guards. We have synagogue board meetings where the members are trying to figure out how to pay for access control and surveillance. Every incident anywhere just ratchets up the paranoia.

We don't see the phone inquiry increase right after these incidents.

However, when quoting out the solution with school or large facility, would always ask them to reconsider the possibility of what if this happen in your location & see if there is anything else is missing.