Are You Going To Try Googles New Onhub?

Google claims it's new WiFi router is better than the one you currently have:

One of the key features OnHub is promoting is the 13 WiFi antennas it holds (Seven 2.4 GHz and six 5 GHz) arrayed in pairs for full 360 degree coverage. While details are thin, instead of one or two omnidirectional antennas, OnHub uses multiple semi-directional antennas in a circular mount.

However, one of the key claimed 'boosts' to performance isn't engineered at all: Google thinks OnHub looks good.

Because of this, OnHub is designed to be installed at eye-level out in open spaces, rather than buried in a cabinet or shelf. Google claims that because you won't hide OnHub, it will provide better signal strength:

It could be a boon for those running WiFi cameras at home. (Like the Alphabet/Google/Nestcam)

Cost is $200, and it is spec'd for Zigbee, so it could potential be used as a hub for smarthome devices. However details are rare on that point for now.

Will you be changing over to OnHub in your house?

With its 360 degree coverage and Feng Shui design, it seemed odd that they were showing it placed against the wall, possibly back to back with the one in the next apartment. Instead of on the kitchen table with a faux flower or two poking out for added range and realism.

Times change but the infernal wall wart lives on...

Ahhhh...devices still need power and it still has to be plugged into your modem. You can't venture too far away from the wall.

I can still like it if it works well. I will have to say I am very pleased with my Linksys Air. Only 1 issue and it has been over a year. Downloaded a new version of firmware and it has performed really well.

I don't understand why Google didn't add speakers/microphone like Amazon Echo to introduce Google Now at Home like Microsoft with Cortana.

I assume the Hub will do lots of local processing for SmartHome, but also uploading NestCam footage without killing the bandwidth, may be WebM processing ? may be mobile tracking/geofencing/trilateration ? caching / buffering files ? ...

"the OnHub also has a speaker with a 3-amp onboard amplifier"

Ahh thanks didn't see that in the specs ! The USB might be used for a Microphone

I would not use this, even if it is a good WiFi unit.

It only has one LAN ethernet port, presumably so you can connect a switch if you have wired devices.

Well, that's an extra cost. Call me old fashioned, but unless a device can be crammed in my pocket or a bookbag, I run a cable to it.

In summary: I need more ethernet ports than one. I also like PoE stuff. Therefore, if I'm spending money smartly, it is on switches. I can buy cheap WiFi APs (I use this one for $69) and just connect them to my fancy switch if I need better coverage.

Wires? We're we're going, we won't need any wires....

Unless they give it away free with internet service, they will never penetrate 90% of the market. I'm a geek, but I'm still using the router that AT&T dropped off. The only wired device I have is the TV next to the router. The wireless supports another TV, 4 laptops, a desktop, 4 smartphones, 4 kindles, an all-in-one printer, and an iPod. I've never felt the need to change it.

Apparently, this is part of Google's big plan on smart home.

4GB Flash memory for a home wifi router?? They must plan on squeezing in tons of features in the device for future expansion...

I don't know how success this product would be. But it sounds like a good idea.

You can ask this question another way:

"Do you want to have 100% of your home Internet traffic routing through Google Sniffer?"

For me the answer is a resounding "No".

Do you want to have 100% of your home Internet traffic routing through Google Sniffer?

I'm not sure that Google Sniffer is even included in this model. Probably an add-on you have to fork over later for. Sheesh!

Do you own an Android phone? We only have 3 choices today: Android or iPhone or Windows phone. Oh... I forgot about Blackberry... ;)

We do have a choice to go back to the ancient "non Smart" phones if we'd like to maintain "privacy"... I guess my point is that our personal information is not private anymore. What's the definition of "privacy" now adays?

We do have a choice to go back to the ancient "non Smart" phones if we'd like to maintain "privacy"..

I have given up on maintaning privacy. I would settle for just an illusion of privacy at this point.