Are You Going To ISC West 2015?

Do you usually go?

Seems like more interest than previous shows, for whatever reason. It's a (long) drive for me so I still haven't decided...

I added a poll, including an option for those outside of North America who are highly unlikely to come (unless they are manufacturers).

I am not going.

I do not see the interest in this show being higher than ISC West 2014. However, the new products are clearly a lot more interesting.

It looks like I will be missing this year... might be a slim chance I jump a plane at the last minute, only to hopefully grab an IPVM lanyard :)

I'm on the plane right now on my way there.

Someone from my company is going, but I've got too much work to do.

Yes, it is the only security specific trade show I find worthwhile.

This is the first one I'm missing in years. I actually really like ISC-W, I'm kinda bummed that I couldn't break away.