Are You Going To ISC East 2015?

I am. Say hi if you see me.

I'm also on Twitter.

After going last year and seeing how awful it was, I said I'd never go again.

I got three words for you:

Darryl. Freaking. Strawberry.

I got 39 more words for you: it's still the biggest show in the Northeast. Although ASIS NYC is getting bigger and bigger every year. I give it three more years before ASIS NYC is bigger and better than ISC East, after which I'll switch allegiances.

I was going every year; it's an easy train ride from Delaware, or 2 hours on the turnpike.

Years ago it was great, now it's barely even a show. When I walked around all three isles last year in a few hours, I realized I had just waisted my entire day.

Now I send one or two of my techs up for the day. It's kinda like a bonus day for them, they get paid to go to the show, and our vendors buy them beer.

I was going to go this year. But then I got tickets to an early preview of the new Hunger Games movie tonight and I figured that would be a better use of my time.

Maybe next year, unless there is absolutely anything else to do.

Wow, it's crowded! It may even be- I can't believe I'm about to say this- too crowded. Certainly it's more difficult to attract vendor attention at most booths. There's only a single coffee/meeting area, and it's branded. In fact, Ed Several announced that all booths were sold out this year.

From your pics though it's still in that small strip, right?

I am sure they are benefiting from ASIS being in Anaheim this year.

Yes, but they've never filled that small space before. This year, it's overflowing, with meetings taking place in the halls and lobby and corridors.

I was at the 2006 show and it was still small compared to ISC West or ASIS.

Who got a picture with Daryl?

Daryl will be there tomorrow.

I did! :)


Did you have him sign it:

Darryl. Freaking. Strawberry.


It's all about location and for the standpoint of who are you taking with you to the show (wife or whatever) ISC West has it over ISC East every time, Besides the western rim manufactures have don't have to travel as far and have more direct connections.

This post will be a little self-serving but why not. Those of you who wink be at the show do drop over to booth 656 and rest your eyes a full-working and integrated Turnstile from Aeroturn with a iris recognition & Identification camera (reader) from SRI International. The two company outstanding in their own right have teamed up to improve overall though-put while offering a couple turnkey design/build solution.

Hi Ari!

As requested I saw you and said hi.

Show was as full as I have seen in years. Both exhibitors and vendors.

I know! Even at 4:00 PM it was still packed.

I'll be back again today, hoping to get Daryl Strawberry's autograph. We'll see if they can sustain the traffic in the second day.

Ari, you taking Ed Several's job any time soon? :)

He's got better hair than me. But I'm taller than him.

I think this image tells you everything you need to know about ISC East.

ISC East Registration

Eric, you are a brave man to challenge Ari like that, lol!

We're a little itty bitty industry, and we get a little itty bitty show. But the show is bigger than usual, which may be a hopeful sign.

Well, at least there's no Booth Babes.

I'm assuming.

Are there?

Napco had booth babes. Which lowered my respect for them.

Not just regular ones, either. These danced while singing a song about Napco, accompanying a man on guitar. I wonder how much that costs?

These danced while singing a song about Napco, accompanying a man on guitar.

Wow, that's real talent. Speaking of real musical talent, were you able to catch Dr. Todd's last number closing out the show? It's become a tradition over the years...

I don't think there was a 'dry' eye in the house...

my ears. they bleed.

Nalco must be ending the year with surplus moneys... had to spend it on something.

Their marketing group must be aging out!

At least their aging out with a bang!

Napco on video, cringe:

Yeah, it was pretty bad. Still, that trio couldn't have come cheap. I wonder who decided that this was a good use of their marketing budget.

Rough Accounting: (per day 8hr)

  1. Wedding level Guitarist: $500
  2. Vocalist: $400
  3. Vocalist/Model: $600 x 2 = $1,200
  4. Fiverr Lyrical Adaptation: $5
  5. Fiverr Napco Specific Lyrical Adaptation: $15
  6. Wardrobe $200 x 2 = $400
  7. Commercial live performance use rights for "Hey look me over.": $1,000
  8. Mechanical recording w/video use rights for "Hey look me over.": $50,000


From the top: skip to (0:41)

Hey look us over, lend us an ear
Napco has something you'll want to hear

It's so great, you will be so stunned
Take it from us, Napco's number one

Starlink radios keep your wires out of sight
Brings innovation to brilliant new heights

Local landing for every application

Skip back to (0:15)

You're in for more performance than any dealer in the nation

Unbelievably priced, under 50 bucks intrusion
A E compliant G be great solution

So chock full of features, you will find
They're priced so low, they'll blow your mind

Follow the stars, and you will see
A revolution in the alarm industry

Corrections welcome, strikeouts are only 'sounds like'.

On the subject of Booth Babes, way back when, one would almost find one or more in every booth. But one would never see a babe who was in sales (times have rally changed. The first trade show I went to was a ISC SHOW IN New York, I was 29 out of Texas and my first reaction was that I through I had walk into a Mob trade show. I showing mu age, sorry guys and gals.

I was there on Wednesday primarily to attend a few of the lectures. I thought it was rather ironic that Hikvision gave the lecture on cybersecurity.

Lynn, it's all about experience.

Did you sit in it? If so, anything interesting said?

I did sit in, I believe the person giving the lecture was a last-minute fill-in for the originally scheduled speaker who was either delayed or had a last minute schedule change. For me, the material was just high level highlights about the topic, no real details or guidelines. Based on the audience's reaction, the most relevant thing he said was to 'keep your firmware updated'. Thanks Capt. Obvious ...

"Based on the audience's reaction, the most relevant thing he said was to 'keep your firmware updated'. Thanks Capt. Obvious ..."

Considering they are still shipping the old risky firmware to many or most of their OEMs, it is still a risk. Related: Warning: ADI and Tri-Ed Video Products Major Security Risk

As a manufacturer I have to say that I was pleased with both the amount and caliber of the folks that I spoke with. It seemed that the people who were there were actually interested in learning about the products/services that were being offered. I didn't see anyone that appeared to be on a boondoggle.

I spoke to several other manufacturers that had similar opinions.

So less focus on ASIS, more on ISC East?

ASIS was a good show for us too, I wouldn't necessarily say we're going to focus on one more than the other. They are clearly different in size and scope, but both worked out well for us this year.

ISC East says attendance was up 8% year over year but weirdly does not actually state attendance. It's been a few years since they actually said what attendance was.

They did says 'over 210 exhibitors' but back in 2008 they had cited 'More than 325 companies.'