Are You Getting Your Ipv6 On?

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Just curious; any integrators future proofing for IPv6? For now, I think we can mostly agree that for end users and security integrators, adoption is negligible. And that is a far cry depending on what country you live in, whom the customer is, and/or what ISP is being used for remote sites and remote access.

Has anyone thought about the advantages of using IPv6 as a single stack entity on a closed network? What is your take where IPv6 is now and where it is going for the physical security industry?

What is your take where IPv6 is now...

Widespread adoption of IPv6 looks to be about 18 months out.

Just like it did in 1998.

In our IP Networking for Video Surveillance classes, we always conduct an informal poll of students from around the globe "Are you using IPv6?"

The answer is always overwhelmingly "No", with maybe 1% - 3% collectively reporting use of IPv6 at all, much less primary use over IPv4.

I suspect that IPv6 adoption is fairly isolated to specific verticals (education/research) in certain regions (US or EU), but most everyone else does not have pressing cause to change over.