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Are You A Security Thought Leader?

Personally, I am skeptical of anyone claiming to be one since, imo, 'Thought Leader' is a title to be bestowed, not claimed.

**No offense meant to the 40% (currently) who've voted yes :)

Every person who I have seen proclaim themselves a security thought leader in the media has never published an original thought. It seems a title claimed by sales and marketing people to puff themselves up.

I'm a fart smeller...I mean smart feller!

Being thoughtful of others brings value in any industry. But I suppose that is not what you are asking John.

Charlie, good distinction. The way 'thought' is typically used in this context is about being a 'visionary' or having 'great ideas', not being considerate.

Nine out of ten wikipedia editors agree. "...a person or an entity that is recognized by peers for having progressive and innovative ideas."

In that case, these guys can all just recognize each other.

That's both funny and astute.

In our insular industry, who determines who the thought leaders are? Trade mags that run the stories of 3 letter types from big name manufacturers? Industry associations? (not coincidentally, largely comprised of those same 3 letter types writing those articles)

I maintain that a lot of the actual thought leaders in our industry toil behind the scenes, lacking access to the 'established' platform with which others might take notice....

or something.

Ask an educated end users and a they may define a "security thought leader" as the one who met their business need of securing their people and property, with the most scalable, cost effective solution and services. I simply cannot get away from ethical security integrators, manufacturers or consultants being "thoughtful", thus making a difference in the lives of their customers. Call me pollyanna, but I will sleep well tonight.

Strictly speaking, based on the general accepted definition, you can't be a thought leader and toil behind the scenes :)

That said, and to Charlie's point, if you could somehow track who the 'best' people in the industry are - the people who know the most and deliver that into real customer value - I bet it would be dominated by people from small companies who never get to speak at conferences.

SIA is void of thought leaders, we won't be entering the next "most interesting thing" at this years ISC-W product showcase competition.

Every time I hear 'thought leader', this clip cues in my mind's eye:

I'm a thought leader. Just not everyone has come around to my way of thinking. Maybe for now I'm really just an opinion leader.

> I'm a thought leader. Just not everyone has come around to my way of thinking. Maybe for now I'm really just an opinion leader.

"Opinion Leader". What a great thought... I'm stealing that.

Just to clarify the "Opinion Leader" this title defined as the amount of opinions or the weight of opinions?

Opinions are like earlobes. Everyone has a couple that are ultimately worthless.

A true "Thought Leader" values Quality over Quantity, but volume is entire dependent on how gifted they are.

Dude....... this is a serious discussion. 8Þ



"volume is entire dependent on how gifted they are."


Yes but I push to the limits and sometimes don't know when to stop. Sometimes pushing to the pt of irritation.

When you provoke people to think, think outside the box, you sometime push buttons and they have to deal with them. Not always pleasant, and not always liked, but when you see the reviews & answers you realized the end is justified by the means.

I like to make people go beyond the surface and think of other areas and ideas. I love challenging debates that really bring out the in depth thoughts.

Why does the term "Thought Leader" sound like something from a Dilbert strip?

This thread has really lead me to think about some things!

> This thread has really lead me to think about some things!

Lead the way...

Ooooh wait, I misunderstood, it's actually "lead", pronounced "led"?

That explains a lot!

I'm a thought leader. For example, I'm the first person to have thought so....