Are There Industries That Use Controllers More Than They Use Readers?

It would be great to plan for sales with questioned geared towards what technology works best for specific industries.

Hello Tim:

The first thing we should do here is make sure we're understanding these access terms the same way. In general:

  • Readers: Input devices that read credentials, or send credential data to controllers.
  • Controllers: Devices that collect inputs (like from readers) and coordinate outputs (like cutting lock power) based on that data.

Just like keyboards go with desktop computers, readers accompany controllers. It isn't a decision of one over the other, but of which ones accompany the other.

Am I understanding your question right?

I believe you are describing "building automation" which has a main purpose of monitoring and controlling functions of the building based on schedules and logical inputs.

While adding readers to the equation helps the product understand who is where for lighting and temperature control it also allows or restricts access to areas.

In that instance it is common to have more DGP (Data Gathering Panels) than RIB's (Reader Interface Boards).


How about prisons?

They have doors (and assumedly controllers) that can be locked and unlocked from a central station or via schedule that may not have readers associated with them.