Are There Any Dropcam (Now Nest) Equivalents With Respect To Pure Camera?

I'm basically looking for a Wireless camera with additional micro SD storage with live view. Since dropcam doesn't provide local storage, I'm wondering if there are any companies from Taiwain/China/Korea having this form factor camera at a lower price.

They're out there, but I can't make any claims as to quality. Multiple companies had them at the ISC West Global Pavilion, trying to sell Derek this one for $22:

If you search Alibaba for "dropcam", quite a few clones come up as well, pretty much all under $50 USD.

As far as larger manufacturers, there are some, like the Hikvision 2412, but they'll be more expensive. That one is about $150 online, Dahua equivalents look to be in the same range.

Have you looked at the Flir FX?

Thanks a ton. That was helpful.

What quality of image are you expecting? How difficult of a scene? Do you need cloud based access? How long of retention? Motion events? Other analytics?

I'm looking for 720p (at least) and largely indoor scene is what I would like to cover. Except for motion detection I'm not looking for additional analytics. 32 GB would be sufficient for at least 2-3 days.

Any need for WDR? Will any doors or cameras be in the scene? Will a fixed lens work, and if so, what AOV is desired?

You are right. I'll need WDR with a wide angle FOV preferably 90deg and beyond.