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Are There Any 4K Security Cameras Actually Shipping Yet*?

Before ISC West this year John predicted "At least 10 companies will announce [4K 30fps] cameras at the show...." I think he was right, but 5 months later I can't find one to actually buy, even though I'm more than ready to fourK over the early adopters surcharge.  Does anyone know of one?

Here are four I have been thinking are coming any day now, for many days now.



*4k meaning minimum 3840x2160 @ 30fps. Shipping meaning shipping.

**Avigilon/Arecont/Stardot has high res but lower framerates


Two more who demoed 4K at ISC West.


I can't find the official image for the DvTel camera, this is from the demo. I can't even find that for the Arecont one...

The DVTel is a Dynacolor camera.

So it's probably easier to get supply from Dynacolor if they are already supplying OEM.

In fairness, I don't think Dyancolor is going to sell onesies direct to non manufacturers.

Btw, I believe the Axis 4K model is now shipping. We ordered one and the supplier said it was on the way. Expect a test in October.

True, but they do sell under their own name in some markets so there might be a channel in which they are released.

Of course there are always samples. Free or paid for.

Box cam version
Evolving spec:

August 2013:


To purchase:
12Mb (not yet):

Admittedly the domes are not listed yet on that site.

DVTEL's 4k's are not OEM'd at all though as a general statement, most camera manufacturers, including almost all mentioned above, ODM their products as do most in any industry.

Here are the photos of the DVTEL 4k Minidome and Bullet cameras requested earlier in this post.

This probably won't surprise anyone but Undisclosed D is from DVTel.

Dear DVTel, what part of these cameras did you design?

Are you saying that Axis is an ODM? Is Avigilon an ODM? Is Panasonic an ODM? Is Sony an ODM? Is Hikvision an ODM?

I am going to assume it was all marketing hype for the trade shows. There is always a lot of vapor ware announcements. Perhaps these will actually be released at ASIS.

The Lilin UHG1182 is apparently shipping, but I haven't seen a price on one online.

The Axis P1428 is available. We'll be releasing a test in October.

The last ship date from Bosch on their 4K NBN-80122 was end of September. Apparently the very end.

IQinVision was tentatively planning to ship the 4K Sentinel in October.

I'm more curious to see how the mainstream VMS's handle a batch of 8 or so 4K cameras. We're starting to push bitrates and processing load pretty high with these cameras.

A 'system' test would be interesting. A mix of 4 different 4K cameras, tested independantly (viewed with VLC or something) and then in various all-at-once scenarios in OnSSI/Milestone/Exacq/Genetec/Avigilon.

Ethan, yes the LILIN 4K Ultra HD camera is available and shipping since Sept 1st. The MSRP is $999 for the box camera with lens sold separately. AlarMax and our other distributors Tri-Ed, Clark have it available to them.