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Why Is It So Hard To Buy These Samsung IR Cameras?

I like Samsung's 5084 series of cameras because they have very good WDR and a clear picture at a moderate price. The super low light level feature is not of so much interest to me as I still need IR lighting for darker conditions than this feature will handle.

I've found that while my country's distributor carries models such as the SNO-5084 and SNV-5084, it does not carry the SNO-5084R and SNV-5084R. The distributor is seeking prices for me and say the infrared models would be a special delivery with a 6-8 week lead time. I could (but won't) source these models from eBay in about 10 days.

I'm puzzled as to why the 5084R models would not be more popular and why they wouldn't hold stock of them. Do other IPVM members choose the 5084R series and, if not, what do you choose instead for WDR during the day and IR lighting at night?

Lastly, for anyone using the 5084R series, what useful range do you achieve with the infrared lighting?

Thank you very much for your help!

My guess: it's because you live in Australia. Every few months, I hear weird stories from Australia about products being far more expensive or not available there.

There are dozens of online stores in the US selling these.

Thanks John, that's what I suspect too although it doesn't make much sense. The distributor rejected my request for these cameras unless I order at least 50 of them! The distributor stated:

5084 series has been tested , and confirmed a good WDR with colour even at night without IR ,

That’s why we stock non-IR series of 5084.

I understand what they are saying but I've tested an SNB-5084 in the dark around houses at night. Even with some light from street lights filtered by trees, I find the image is barely usable. At best I can see a noisy black shadow of someone moving about but I cannot see any details.

I'm rather frustrated by the distributor's response as they have exclusive distribution in this country. It's a shame because Samsung's WDR is superior than cheaper cameras on the market but I may have to use the cheaper cameras.

Good feedback.

I have to believe Samsung would not be happy to hear this, especially if that distributor really has an exclusive. Hopefully, this will draw some attention to this and perhaps others have alternative sources for getting those cameras to Australia.

Hi John, thank you for helping draw attention to my problem. It would be great if someone at Samsung noticed and could help as I simply want to buy their cameras through an official channel.

To my surprise, I see that Samsung no longer list an official distributor in Australia on their Sales & Service webpage. I'll try contacting Samsung directly to see how they recommend I source their cameras.

I am sure other manufacturers with cost effective solutions would like to win your business! ;)

Hi Bob, I'm completely open to that if there is another brand of camera with competitive quality of image, WDR performance and price of the Samsung 5084R series of cameras. As far as I can see, it is necessary to pay a fair bit more in other brands of cameras to match the WDR performance of the Samsung 5084R series.

Luke- I found the Hik contact for your area. Please contact and he will be able to assist you.


I could (but won't) source these models from eBay in about 10 days.

Why not? Too expensive? Shipping costs too high? Dealer loyalty incentives? To make a point?

At $499.00 aren't they under MAP/Dealer Cost?

Hi A, I have a few reasons to not buy through eBay. Firstly, the sole distributor of Samsung cameras in my country claims to have exclusive distribution rights. If that is true, importing the cameras via the gray market and selling them to customers would be most unwise.

Even if the distributor didn't have an exclusive distribution arrangement, I need a solid supplier who I can rely upon for prompt delivery and any support issues on an ongoing basis. Individual eBay sellers based in South Korea only seem to stock partial ranges of products and I would not expect them to provide any meaningful support. I need a more solid chain of supply than most eBay sellers can provide.

If I was just buying the cameras for myself, I'd happily source them from anywhere. However when sourcing them for customers, I need a more dependable source of supply and support.

That makes a lot of sense. So, if you had your wish you would make these 5084R's one of your go-to lines?

It's just that they seem a little pricey, no?

Hi A, yes, I'd love to make the 5084R series one of my go-to lines. That'a a concise way of putting it!

They certainly aren't the cheapest cameras around but they are roughly half the cost of some competitors' equivalent cameras. While the quality of the lower-priced Dahua cameras continues to impress me, I find many situations where very good WDR is needed and that's why I look to the Samsung 5084R series as I also need the IR for night.

Pricey compared to what?

The 5084R is an outdoor, vandal, true WDR, integrated IR, varifocal, autofocus dome. It's got pretty much all the high-end features on the market.

For Axis, it's comparable to the P3384-VE but at nearly half the price.

Btw, here are similar feature set Hikvision cameras, which are moderately less expensive still.

John that's an outstanding idea, that you just gave me. ;)

Camera Finder might benefit from having a "find similar models" button, which would have the effect of relaxing a few of the parameters to open up the results a bit.

Especially handy for those filters where you don't know where the boundary is, like zoom factor. The finder could just open the results enough to let some more results come thru.

egg on my face if you already did it.

That's currently in development this week. By the end of the month, it should be live.

Basically, we will generate similarity scores of all cameras against each other (based on matching or better feature sets between cameras compared). The output will be a list of N number most similar cameras.

Yes, that will definitely help solve this problem because you'll be able to click on a camera model and instantly see what are similar and, more importantly, what are similar but lower cost.

I guess I was used to seeing models like these outdoor bullets with 3MP. But once you try to add in some goodies the price jumps. It's an eye opener to me that real WDR, vandal-proof and auto/vari-focal quadruples the price. Or did I miss a major feature? Like no U.S. Support?

True WDR and auto-focus/varifocal tends to significantly increase price. That does not mean Hikua, as you like to call them, will be more expensive than Samsung. However, you won't get true WDR and auto-focus/vf at $150.

You may want to check again... There is no model SNO-5084. The bullet cameras (SNO) only come in IR models.

It is surprising that they would not stock the IR models, as that is SO popular in the US...

Great catch B! That's my fault for just assuming their was a non-IR series of the SNO series of cameras.

Yes, I am bewildered as to why they don't stock, and don't intend to stock, the IR models in the 5084R series.

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